Wildlife Removal

Wildlife Removal for New Homeowners

RAAAAAAAAATSWildlife removal can be daunting for those tasked with taking care of a house on their own for the first time, whether as a renter or an owner. A new homeowner may have seen her parents conduct an effective opossum removal in their basement twenty years ago, but may not know how to apply what little she remembers of that long-ago experience to conducting the snake removal necessary for the infestation in her home now. Rat removal may seem straightforward to someone who grew up in New York City, but groundhog or armadillo removal might be more relevant to his life now that he lives in Texas. Many homeowners will be starting from scratch as they research the most effective and humane methods of wildlife removal available in their area, and may need guidance in determine what the best solutions are.

Local animal control can be an important resource for determining the best method of wildlife removal in a given area. While there may be local regulations limiting the involvement of animal control officers in removing wildlife from private property, the officers will nonetheless be trained in engaging with local wildlife and avoiding cruelty, and will often be familiar with other local organizations and services that specialize in cruelty-free wildlife removal techniques.

squirrel_removalWhile community resources such as animal control centers may provide assistance or insight, at times it will be necessary to find wildlife removal services by conducting independent research. In the search for humane wildlife removal services, homeowners should look for companies that emphasize conflict resolution, place a high value on reuniting young wildlife with mothers, and use humane technology such as one-way doors. Its important to note that some states require wildlife removal companies to euthanize any animals that they physically remove from a property, and so the use of these technologies, which guide wildlife out of your home rather than requiring direct removal, are often a necessary part of a humane solution. While companies that employ such technologies can be expensive, in addition to the peace of mind that comes with ensuring a humane removal, they can ensure a longer lasting solution, as they are designed to address the root cause of the problem. The location and sealing of any entry points by which wildlife entered the home is also an important part of a comprehensive and humane removal. With services surrounding Atlanta, atlanta snake removal has certified wildlife technicians that safely and humanely remove nuisance wildlife from your home.

When the need for wildlife removal arises, the options may seem overwhelming. However, by drawing on community resources and knowing what to look for while researching potential solutions, even new homeowners can find safe, effective, and humane solutions to conflicts with local wildlife.

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